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The City Recorder is Clerk of the City Council, Urban Renewal Agency, and Salem Housing Authority; City Records Manager and Archivist, managing the retention and/or destruction of all City records. The City Recorder prepares agendas and packets; attends all meetings of the City Council, Urban Renewal Agency, and Salem Housing Authority and takes minutes of the proceedings; provides legal notice of public hearings; files City documents and records; prepares and distributes all Salem Revised Code amendments; responds to public records requests; and performs all duties related to City elections.



Public Records Request

A request to see or obtain a copy of a public record can be made by submitting Form A; Public Records Request. You may complete Form A online, or print, scan, and send the form below by email, or in writing to the City Recorder: or deliver the request to the City Recorder's Office, 555 Liberty Street SE, Room 205, Salem, OR 97301, or fax the request to 503-361-2202.

Click here to submit Form A online

Click here for copies of Police Reports

City Recorder
555 Liberty Street SE, Room 205,
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-588-6097
Fax: 503-361-2202

Elections / Run for Office

The City Recorder is responsible for administering the City’s municipal election activities including candidate filings for Mayor, City Council, and Judge, as well as local referendums and initiatives.

2016 Election Results

Official results for the 2016 election have been certified.  Click here to view the Proclamation of the Mayor.

Official results can be viewed by clicking on the links for each county.

Marion County Elections

Polk County Elections

Results from the November 8, 2016 General Election

FOR MAYOR – 2-year Term
Chuck Bennett

FOR COUNCILOR – WARD 1 – 4-year Term
Cara Kaser

FOR COUNCILOR – WARD 3 – 4-year Term
Brad A. Nanke

FOR COUNCILOR – WARD 5 – 4-year Term
Matt Ausec

FOR COUNCILOR – WARD 7 – 4-year Term
Sally Cook

BALLOT MEASURE 24- 399 - Police Facility General Obligation Bond Authorization

BALLOT MEASURE 24-400 - 3% Tax on Sale of Recreational Marijuana Sales
APPROVED by voters and ADOPTED


At the December 5, 2016 council meeting, City Council approved the designation of March 14, 2017 as the date for a special election to fill the vacant council position for Ward 6.  If you are interested in running for Ward 6 in the special election, you are encouraged to set-up an appointment to review important filing deadlines, paperwork, and process questions with the City Recorder. To schedule an appointment contact the City Recorder by email at or by phone at 503-588-6097.

Filing Dates for the March 14, 2017 Special Election (Filing dates are determined by the Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division; some dates are still tentative, and will be updated on this webpage as new information is provided by the Elections Division).

Completed Nomination Petition (Form SEL110), Completed Signature Sheets (Form SEL 121), and Submission of Nomination Petition (Form SEL 338) filed with City Recorder’s Office: January 3, 2017 by 4:00 p.m.

Last Day to Withdraw a Completed Nomination Petition:  January 4, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.

Last Day to File Candidate's Statement for Inclusion in the Voter's Pamphlet with Marion County Elections:  January 17, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.

How to File

Please review this information packet which pertains to filing for office. The 2016 Candidates Manual and 2016 Campaign Finance Manual will provide instructions to help you through the process. These manuals are available online at the Secretary of State’s Election Division website.

Elections Documents

City Charter
Salem Revised Code Chapter 11 - Elections
Salem Revised Code Chapter 12 - Ethics for Public Officials

Step 1-File Prospective Petition(s)

An appointment for a Candidate Briefing to file Prospective Petition and receive important election information must be scheduled and attended by the Candidate. To schedule a Candidate Briefing contact the City Recorder, by email at or by phone at 503-588-6097.

The following items must be completed for submission at the Candidate Briefing:
      1. Form SEL 101 Candidate Filing - Major Political Party or Nonpartisan
      2. Form SEL 121 Candidate Signature Sheet- Nonpartisan

PRIOR to gathering any signatures, signature sheets must be approved by the City Recorder. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of those signature sheets. The City Recorder will provide a letter to the candidate stating the candidate has permission to circulate candidate signature sheets (Form SEL 121).

Step 2- Circulate Petitions (s)/Collect Signatures

After Prospective Petition(s) is approved by the City Recorder or designee, at the Candidate Briefing, the Candidate is officially approved to circulate petition(s).

Pursuant to the Salem Revised Code petitions of candidates for offices elected from the city at large (Mayor and Judge) shall be signed by not less than 200 qualified electors residing within the city and shall include electors residing in at least one-fifth of the voting precincts in the city.

Pursuant to the Salem Revised Code petitions of candidates for the office of Councilor shall be signed by not less than 50 qualified electors residing within the ward in which the candidate resides and which the candidate seeks to represent in the Council.

      a. Do not sign and date your petition sheet(s) until all signatures have been gathered.
      b. It is highly advisable to get more than the required signatures (200 for Mayor and Judge and 50 for Councilor) to ensure enough valid signatures are collected.

Candidate or designee must then have signatures verified with the Marion County Elections Office (or Polk County Clerk - for Ward 8 Council candidates).

Step 3- File Your Completed Petitions(s)

After the signature sheets are certified, Form SEL 338 - Petition Submission, along with the certified signature sheets, must be filed by candidate or designee with the City Recorder no later than: January 3, 2017.

Step 4-Statement of Organization and Campaign Finance Requirements

Each candidate must establish a campaign account and file a Statement of Organization designating a candidate committee, unless the candidate meets all three of the following conditions:

      1. The candidate serves as the candidate’s own treasurer
      2. The candidate does not have an existing candidate committee
      3. The candidate does not expect to receive or spend more than $750 during a calendar year (including personal funds).

Please review the Campaign Finance Manual for instructions and a schedule of filing deadlines.

Oregon law requires that campaign finance activities be filed electronically (with State Elections). Candidates can use ORESTAR free of charge to file forms.

Voter Pamphlet

Candidate Statements for the County Voters’ Pamphlet(s) must be filed directly with either Marion or Polk Counties no later than: January 17, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. for inclusion in the respective County Voters’ Pamphlet.

Additional information concerning cost, requirements, and filing deadlines are available from either Marion or Polk County Elections Offices.

Withdrawal of Candidacy or Nomination

To withdraw from candidacy or nomination, a candidate must file a Withdrawal of Candidacy of Nomination (SEL 150) with the City Recorder or designee. This form must be filed no later than: January 4, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. otherwise candidate’s name will be printed on the ballot.

Sign Regulations

If you have, or plan to have, signs displayed for an upcoming election please note that the City of Salem has regulations regarding signs.

Political signs are considered "temporary signs" in the Salem Sign Code. Such signs must meet the following standards as specified in the Salem Revised Code (SRC), Chapter 900.

  • Lawn signs (temporary signs not meeting an 80 mph wind load factor) may not exceed six (6) square feet, may not exceed a height of 30 inches above grade and may be displayed a maximum of two (2), 60 day periods per year. The number of temporary signs permitted on private property may be found in SRC 900.165- SRC 900.180.
  • Rigid signs (temporary signs meeting an 80 mph wind load factor) may not exceed a height of six (6) feet above grade and may be displayed a maximum of one year. The size and number of temporary signs permitted on private property a may be found in SRC 900.165- SRC 900.180.
  • Temporary signs may only be placed on private property. They may not be placed within traffic vision clearance areas nor may they be placed in any part of the public right-of-way SRC 900.020(g), SRC 900.150, and SRC 900.160(c).
  • No temporary sign may be attached to any fence, tree, shrubbery, utility pole, or like items. SRC 900.160(a)
  • Signs that do not meet compliance with the Salem Sign Code may be subject to removal and/or fines. SRC 900.305-SRC 900.325.
  • Political signs are subject to the same maintenance requirements as other signs. All such signs must be maintained in a neat, clean and attractive condition. SRC 900.120

Prior to placing any political advertisement signs, or distributing handbills, please read the guidelines carefully. Please also obtain permission from the property owner or resident before placing any political signs, etc. on private property.

We know you share with us a desire to equitably enforce these requirements. Experience has shown that adhering to the Sign Code will make your campaign signs more effective, will lessen criticism of your political signs and will maintain the neat and attractive appearance of our community. Should you desire further clarification regarding signs please contact Amy Dixon at (503) 540-2304 or

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